We believe that change is a good thing.

We all perceive that the world around us is changing faster and faster. This change is being driven by innovative companies and people who are reshaping large parts of the business world.

We ourselves, are part of this change. As a development office for innovations, we have a lot of empathy for markets, companies and their customers and combine this empathy with a deep understanding of design and technology and economic vision.


Innovation Natives - we are connected by one Mindset.

In our daily work, we experience that the future is being shaped and designed by a new generation of visionaries and ‚doers‘. We all have one mindset in common: a combination of strategic foresight, talent for design and creativity that makes new ecosystems and business models possible.

With a digital mindset and a willingness to collaborate, we as innovators master the digital and analog challenges of the present and open up access to value-creating resources for the future.

We combine different competencies and perspectives to identify potential for innovation inside the company and create relevant and profitable solutions.

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With a digital self-image and a willingness to collaborate, we as innovators master the digital and analog challenges of the present and open up access to value-creating resources for the future.
We combine different competencies and perspectives to reach innovation potentials in the company and create relevant and profitable solutions.
think outside the box

We believe that innovation is the most powerful instrument to enhance businesses and people’s lives.

Human Centered

We are pioneers in human centered product and service development and business creativity.

Just do it

We create inspired business designs – envisioned, shaped and built in Hamburg, Germany.


We bring the ‚new‘ into the world. We help companies to shape their future proactively and purposefully. To do this, we develop products and services that have economic value for companies and substantial added value for their users. We develop on our own behalf and on behalf of our clients, taking on a variety of roles: We are a consulting or development partner. We are co-entrepreneurs or a cross-category and cross-company development platform.


We are experts in the field of innovation and want to make others experts. We help companies to be even more successful in their innovation efforts. Together with our clients, we design culture-mediating innovation environments and get productive innovation teams and value-creating projects off the ground. We establish, anchor and train processes and tools with which companies can independently work on and further develop their innovation topics and potential fields.


We believe that innovations enrich and advance companies and people alike. That is why we develop inspiring new business models, products and services for and together with our customers. In doing so, we support their departure into a sustainably profitable future.

We enable companies and brands to give direction to their own further development in the context of changing markets.

We give shape to the future by developing scenarios, visualizing them and staging them in an inspiring way.

We develop products and services that are thought up by the user, can be produced in a technically sensible way and are economically successful, thereby increasing the future viability and innovative strength of companies.

We help innovation teams learn new work environments and conditions that make their innovation culture more agile and productive.


„Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.“

(William Edward Deming, Data Scientist)
Data Discovery: die Datenlandschaft nachzeichnen

Together with our customers, we identify which data is available in which formats, and where that data resides in the company. We determine which data can be useful for the development and operation of products and services, opening up a meaningful perspective for data assessment. We link and visualize data in such a way that it becomes relevant for planning, decision-making and control variable for development projects and the entire company.

# from data silos to data aggregation
# cloud solutions
# data interoperability

Actionable Insights: Faktenbasiert entscheiden und handeln

With the help of real-time data, we make time-critical information directly accessible and enable immediate decision-making and action. Real-time data helps us to provide users of our products and services with the right information at the right time at their fingertips. And by learning from user interactions, we continuously improve the quality of our offerings.

# realtime data
# transactional data stores
# api development

Predictive Analytics: Zukunft greifbar machen

We use data to make predictions about the future based on past and current developments. With the help of statistical methods and supported by machine learning, we anticipate potential, risks and new value creation opportunities. In this way, we increase the quality of predictions and the reliability for future scenarios to plan and work towards.

# machine learning
# data based scenario planning
# opportunity and risk assessment


We get better results faster through an agile way of working. Through each iteration, we create a visible result that we review to respond to new requirements. Our drive is to always generate the greatest value for the user. Only from real added value do profitable business models emerge.

how we work


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