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We combine creative ideas with forward-looking changes. Together, we are shaping change and creating innovative solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.
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Product- & serviceinnovation

We develop products and services that are relevant and attractive to use. Our aim is to create value for both sides: For the companies that create these products and services and for their customers. We help companies to build better products.

We develop innovative products through iterative processes and close customer cooperation by quickly creating prototypes and using continuous feedback. Our user-friendly and efficient service innovations are based on a deep understanding of customer needs and include user data analysis and research. We also support companies with digitalization, improve business processes and increase their competitiveness, taking new trends and ecological aspects into account.

Digitally barrier-free: Accessible information in Hamburg’s public transport system

There are hardly any ways for blind and visually impaired people to get information at stops and on the tracks. Together with S-Bahn Hamburg, we want to make information more accessible and travel on public transport easier. To this end, we have addressed one of the most basic passenger problems faced by blind and visually impaired people: the lack of information about the next arriving trains on the track.

Customized information: Modular travel assistance for the Hamburg S-Bahn

S-Bahn Hamburg is expanding its range of passenger information by introducing new train information displays (ZVA) at key stations. Passenger information is to be integrated in a user-friendly and seamless way to simplify the travel experience from the surroundings to the platform. In a collaborative development process, we used interviews and co-creative methods together with passengers to develop an information system that forms the template for the flexible equipment of numerous Hamburg S-Bahn stations.

Culture- & transformationdesign

Change does not come from new goals and targets. It arises from new actions and is the product of new, meaningful experiences. Our innovation work opens up culture-creating fields of experimentation in which the future (of work) can be experienced and shaped.

For us, transformation means continuous further development in line with employee expectations, not just a change from actual to target states. In a fast-moving, complex world, we support organizations in developing into learning systems, adapting working methods and implementing structure-developing, collaborative measures. Our sustainable transformation strategies integrate modules flexibly and take cultural education, sustainability and diversity into account.

The proof of concept includes not only the success stories but also the lessons learned from failure
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