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What makes us special
What drives us
How we work together
What makes us special

As an office for innovation, we at Innovation Natives have been relying on the power of user-centered innovation and transformation to make companies fit for the future since 2011. Our approach: We put users at the center of our development and create attractive user experiences, effective solutions and sustainable business models. In our projects, we rely on collaborative processes, work closely with our partners and integrate the customer into the development process right from the start through research and co-creation. This close collaboration enables us to increase the innovative strength of companies and have a real impact on the lives of users.

What drives us

In a rapidly changing world, we at Innovation Natives see it as our mission not only to help shape change, but to actively drive it forward. We are driven by the conviction that innovative companies and visionary people have the power to revolutionize entire industries. We firmly believe that by bringing together empathy, design, technology and business acumen, we can create exceptional solutions that can change the business world for good. Our aim is to help shape the future and make it a place where our customers and their target groups can thrive.

How we work together

Collaboration at Innovation Natives is characterized by a digital self-image and a deep willingness to collaborate. We believe that combining different skills and perspectives is the key to groundbreaking innovations. Together, we penetrate innovation potential to create relevant and profitable solutions. Our team thrives on a mindset that combines strategic foresight, creative power and creativity – an approach that enables us to master the digital and analog challenges of the present and open the doors to value-adding resources for the future.

We are based on empathy.

Empathy makes us curious and enables us to understand the perspective of others, both users of different products and services and our own team.

We love people ❤️

We trust in a connected future.

In a networked future, we trust that technology and communication will bring us closer together. This connection enables us to work more efficiently, share knowledge and solve challenges together.

We are optimists 🍀

We solve problems with creativity.

Creativity is our key to solving problems in an innovative way. It enables us to discover new perspectives and find user-centered solutions.

We love new stuff ⭐

We work
We offer the best of both worlds! We are convinced that a hybrid working model is the foundation for satisfied colleagues and a happier working life.

A flexible mix of home office and office days is an integral part of our working culture and is based on a deep trust that our colleagues are best able to decide for themselves in which environment they can work creatively and productively. We like to use our office as a co-creation space and start each week with an Inspirational Monday Morning.

So get your laptops out, whether at home or in the office, and let’s shape the future together.

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Are you ready to shape the future? Innovation Natives is looking for visionaries like you! We offer more than just a job – we offer a mission where you can really make a difference. Apply now and become part of our crew. We look forward to meeting you!

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What do “innovation” and “transformation” have in common? Both are team sports! Meet our team.

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